OrtcClient MethodsOpen Real Time Connectivity Application Programming Interface Help

The OrtcClient type exposes the following members.


Public methodCode exampleConnect
Connects to the gateway with the application key and authentication token. The gateway must be set before using this method.
Public methodCreateLocalStorage
Creates the local storage.
Public methodDisablePresence
Disables presence for the specified channel.
Public methodCode exampleDisconnect
Disconnects from the gateway.
Public methodCode exampleEnablePresence
Enables presence for the specified channel with first 100 unique metadata if metadata is set to true.
Public methodIsSubscribed
Indicates whether is subscribed to a channel.
Public methodCode examplePresence
Gets the subscriptions in the specified channel and if active the first 100 unique metadata.
Public methodReadLocalStorage
Reads the local storage.
Public methodCode exampleSend
Sends a message to a channel.
Public methodSendProxy
Public methodCode exampleSubscribe
Subscribes to a channel.
Public methodCode exampleUnsubscribe
Unsubscribes from a channel.
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