Regional clusters

  • Mar 3, 2017
  • Starting Guide

When you connect to Realtime you're connecting to a messaging cluster, a set of Realtime servers hosted in some world location.

The default multi-tenant cluster is hosted in the United States, more specifically in the us-east-1 region of AWS.

However, some apps and websites need to achieve lower network latency and some need to comply with local data protection regulations (e.g. European Union).

For these specific use cases, Realtime manages two additional regional clusters, one hosted in India (Mumbai) and another hosted in Central Europe (Frankfurt).

To use a regional cluster simply change your default cluster URL to one of the following cluster URL's, depending on the desired region and connection type.

Regular connections

Secure connections (TLS)

If you want to automatically redirect all connections for your Realtime application key to one of these regional clusters, please fill in the support form indicating the required regional cluster.

Private dedicated clusters

If your application requires the use of a private messaging cluster hosted in a specific world region, we can manage it for you (requires a Corporate subscription). Just let us know through the above support form or through the on-line chat.

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